48 port Rack Mount fiber optic ODF

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48 port Rack Mount fiber optic ODF PATCH PANEL
Outdoor/Indoor fiber optic 19" patch panel ,48 port fiber optic patch panel, fiber optic odf
ODFwith pigtails and adapters contain one ODF, adapters and pigtails. Parts are shipped separately, The installer assembles the pigtails and adapters in the ODF on site. Boxes can be supplied to contain from 12 to 192 fibers. All ODFs are withdrawable and designed for mounting in 19” racks. They are equipped with splice holders and guiding for fibers. We can also supply you with other combinations on request.
Type: Cable installation, wall mount
Size: 40x38x14cm , 30x30x8.5cm, 40.5x38.2x8.5cm
Capacity: 48 SC, 96 LC
Connector options: SC, SC/APC, LC, LC/APC, ST, FC
1) Standard size, light weight and reasonable structure
2) Splice tray inside changeable
3) Can be used in 19'', 23'' standard distribution frame
4) Suitable for ribbon and single fiber
5) Various panel plate to fit different adapter interface 
6) Front mark on the plate is easy for identification and operation
7) 24C, 36C, 48C, 72C optional, with or without fiber optic pigtails and adapters
8) Easy for management and operation

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