FBT Steel Tube Ratio PLC Splitter 1x2 Single mode

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25/75 FBT Steel Tube Fiber Optic Cable Splitter No Connectors for CATV FTTX PON

রেশিও PLC স্প্লিটার 
এই স্প্লিটারে ডিবি ভাগ করা যাই

Single mode Single Window FBT Fiber Couplers are designed for power splitting and tapping in telecommunication equipment, CATV network, and test equipment. Our single mode optical couplers work at either 1310nm or 1490nm or 1550nm. Single mode FBT couplers are fabricated using single mode fibers. They have operation bandwidth of 40nm around its central wavelength. The excess loss is very low, no greater than 0.15dB for grade A product and no greater than 0.1dB for premium grade product. Also, customers can specify your required coupling ratios. FC/UPC or APC, SC/UPC or APC, LC/UPC or APC and ST/UPC or APC fiber optic connectors are available.
Low Excess Loss
Various Coupling Ratios
Wide Pass Band
High Stability and Reliability
Passive Optical Networks (PON)
Local Area Networks (LAN)
CATV Systems
Optical communication systems
Single mode Single Window FBT Couplers
Grade Parameter P A
Operating wavelength (nm) 1310 or 1550, others on request
Operating bandwidth (nm) ±20
Typical excess loss (dB) 0.07 0.10
Insertion loss (dB)
50/50 ≤3.4 ≤3.6
40/60 ≤4.4/2.6 ≤4.7/2.8
30/70 ≤5.7/1.9 ≤6.0/2.0
20/80 ≤7.6/1.2 ≤8.0/1.3
10/90 ≤11.0/0.65 ≤11.5/0.8
5/95 ≤14.2/0.4 ≤14.8/0.5
3/97 ≤16.7/0.3 ≤17.2/0.4
2/98 ≤18.5/0.25 ≤19.0/0.35
1/99 ≤21.5/0.2 ≤22.0/0.3
PDL (dB) ≤0.10 ≤0.15
Directivity (dB) ≥55
Operating temperature (℃) -40 ~ +85

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