SC-LC Single mode Female to Male Fiber Adapter

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SC-LC Singlemode Female to Male Fiber Adapter Plug-in Fiber Optic Adaptor Hybird Mating Fiber Optic Adapter

The fiber optic adapter/coupler male to female is also used to connect fiber optic cables together. It offers a solution for Hybird applications
where the two different kinds of fiber optic connectors or cable assemblies need to be connected with each other. The main function of Hybird
fiber optic adapter is for connection between various different fiber optic connectors, fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic pigtails and fiber optic
equipments, different shapes, but it offers the point-to-point connection in the fiber optic network.   

Low insertion and back reflection loss, high precision alignment
Telcordia, TIA/EIA compliance
Compact design, Plastic housing
Good changeability and repeatability
Simplex, Duplex 
Communication Workshop 
Local Area Network 
Fiber Sensor 
Fiber Optical Communication System

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